Our Services

International trade law increasingly impacts organisations engaged in the cross-border trade of goods and services. The rules governing international trade are complex and corporations often find themselves having to navigate through an intricate network of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements (as well as widely differing national laws and regulations).

The Global SPC provides support to our partners necessary to enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the WTO. The majority of our lawyers have scientific or engineering backgrounds and as a group we have an extensive understanding of the industry sectors in which our clients operate.  This firsthand experience ensures a deeper understanding of our clients’ business. The Global SPC provides legal advice on all procedural and substantive issues arising under WTO law.

Our international trade and World Trade Organization (WTO) team’s expertise covers all WTO-related areas and it advises on all legal aspects of barriers to trade and investment in world markets, including:

  • Market access strategy;
  • Protection of international investments;
  • WTO law concerning trade in goods and services;
  • WTO dispute settlement;
  • WTO anti-dumping and anti-subsidy law; customs law; export controls;
  • Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights;
  • International trade and commercial arbitration;
  • Customs law;
  • Antitrust / Competition law;
  • EU trade law.

How we can help

We are providing assistance to governments and private companies in the assessment of the compatibility of domestic laws with WTO agreements and applicable bilateral or regional agreements. We engineer domestic regulations and commercial relations to take advantage of current international trade rules. We litigate before international jurisdictions and, with our clients, we conduct market access actions. In particular our services cover the following:

  • evaluating whether proposed and existing national measures comply with WTO law and other trade agreements
  • representing and advising governments in WTO dispute settlement proceedings
  • advising clients on anti-dumping and other trade remedy cases
  • advising corporate clients on how they can enforce WTO law and other trade agreements.