Ministerial conferences

The Ministerial Conference is the highest body of the WTO. It is composed of representatives of all the Members and meets at least once every two years. In December 1996, the WTO held its first Ministerial Session, in Singapore (known as the Singapore Ministerial Conference"). This provided Members with the first opportunity since the entry into force of the Organization to take stock of the work accomplished in its first two years of existence and to address the WTO's future agenda. At the close of the Conference the Ministers adopted the Singapore Ministerial Declaration. It reaffirms WTO Members' support of the multilateral trading system and sets out the WTO work programme for the next few years. Among other things, the Conference addressed the continuation of negotiations for a higher level of liberalization in the services sector. It also adopted the Comprehensive and Integrated WTO Plan of Action for least-developed countries. In May 1998, the Second Session of the Ministerial Conference was held at Geneva. It adopted another Declaration which has established a process to look into the implementation of the WTO Agreement as well as the future activities of the WTO and report to the Third Session.

The Ministerial Declaration of the 6th Ministerial Conference (Hong Kong, 13-18 December 2005) adopted on 18 December 2005


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