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Global SPC is the only company in Armenia, the WTO’s highly trained experts and lawyers of which are providing professional services to the local and foreign companies through interpretation of provisions of the WTO agreements, supporting companies to solve the raised problems in the frames of the WTO agreements, and if necessary, confirming the readiness of being involved in the dispute settlement process under the WTO. 

The Company attitude towards the providing consulting services on promoting trade and services includes but not limited to the provision of information about the WTO and interpretation of provisions of the WTO agreements.

Aimed to foster the customer’s trade related activities in the maximum effective way the Global SPC provides detailed information to partners on the export and import procedures, internal regulations on trade and services, and measures undertaken to protect intellectual property rights in the Republic of Armenian and other members of the WTO, providing also necessary services in the mentioned fields.

Having quite big experience in the study of WTO rules and aiming to promote the implementation and complete realization of the WTO rules in Armenia, Global SPC suggests to visit our website to get acquainted with the latest developments in the WTO as well as the latest changes in economic legislation of Armenia and works done by the Company.


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  • International trade law increasingly impacts organisations engaged in the cross-border trade of goods and services. The rules governing international trade are complex and corporations often find themselves having to navigate through an intricate network of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements (as well as widely differing national laws and regulations).

    The Global SPC provides support to our partners necessary to enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the WTO. The majority of our lawyers have scientific or engineering backgrounds and as a group we have an extensive understanding of the industry sectors in which our clients operate.  This firsthand experience ensures a deeper understanding of our clients’…



  • This book covers main provisions of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services, current state of play of negotiations, as well as interprets the set of certain questions with the view of promoting services export.This book was prepared by…

  • This book highlights the process of negotiations, submitted documents and suggestions, currently submitted drafts and the process of their discussions within the framework of the WTO, as well as positions of Members, and particularly of RA, on the negotiating issues.This…


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