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  • Items proposed for consideration at the next meeting of Dispute Settlement Body
    The WTO Secretariat has circulated a meeting notice and list of items proposed for the next meeting, on 22 September 2017, of the Dispute Settlement Body, which consists of all WTO members and oversees legal disputes among them. The meeting notice is circulated in the form of a document officially called an “airgram”.

  • WTO upgrades forecast for 2017 as trade rebounds strongly
    WTO economists have issued a strong upward revision to their forecast for 2017 trade expansion following a sharp acceleration in global trade growth in the first half of the year.

  • Trade Policy Review: Paraguay
    The fourth review of the trade policies and practices of Paraguay takes place on 20 and 22 September 2017. The basis for the review is a report by the WTO Secretariat and a report by the Government of Paraguay.

  • Australia gives AUD 1.4 million to help developing countries participate in global trade
    The government of Australia is contributing over AUD 1.4 million (CHF 1.1 million) to WTO trade-related programmes to help developing countries and in particular least-developed countries (LDCs) participate in multilateral trade negotiations and better access global markets.

  • WTO announces winner of 2017 Essay Award for Young Economists
    The winner of the 2017 WTO Essay Award for Young Economists is Meredith Startz of Princeton University. Her paper, “The Value of Face-to-Face: Search and Contracting Problems in Nigerian Trade”, was ranked first by the Selection Panel. She was presented with her prize of CHF 5,000 at the annual meeting of the European Trade Study Group in Florence on 14 September 2017.

  • Members welcome active engagement of Belarus in WTO accession process
    WTO members welcomed the active engagement of Belarus in its efforts to become a member of the organization and expressed readiness to maintain the positive momentum in the ongoing negotiations, at the meeting held by the Working Party on the country’s accession on 13 September 2017 — just over seven months after the last formal meeting.

  • Trade Policy Review: Jamaica
    The fourth review of the trade policies and practices of Jamaica takes place on 13 and 15 September 2017. The basis for the review is a report by the WTO Secretariat and a report by the Government of Jamaica.

  • DG Azevêdo: China’s commitment to openness will continue to drive the economy forward
    Director-General Roberto Azevêdo visited Beijing, China, on 12 September to participate in the “1+6” roundtable meeting hosted by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, together with five other heads of major international economic organizations and financial institutions (the IMF, World Bank, ILO, OECD and the Financial Stability Board). They discussed the continued need to promote an open and inclusive global economy, and the central role of the multilateral trading system in this effort.

  • WTO members resume fisheries subsidies negotiations after August pause
    At the 11-12 September informal meeting of the Negotiating Group on Rules (NGR), WTO members started to comb through a compilation matrix of seven proposals to limit harmful fisheries subsidies. Line-by-line topical discussions based on the matrix are aimed at paving the way for a well-supported, draft decision text for submission to the WTO’s 11th Ministerial Conference (MC11) in December.

  • Appellate Body issues report regarding EU anti-dumping measures on fatty alcohols from Indonesia
    On 5 September 2017, the WTO Appellate Body issued its report in the case “European Union – Anti-Dumping Measures on Imports of Certain Fatty Alcohols from Indonesia” (DS442).

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