World Trade Organization — Latest news
  • Items proposed for consideration at the next meeting of Dispute Settlement Body
    The WTO Secretariat has circulated a meeting notice and list of items proposed for the next meeting, on 22 November 2017, of the Dispute Settlement Body, which consists of all WTO members and oversees legal disputes among them. The meeting notice is circulated in the form of a document officially called an “airgram”.

  • Trade Policy Review: Cambodia
    The second review of the trade policies and practices of Cambodia takes place on 21 and 23 November 2017. The basis for the review is a report by the WTO Secretariat and a report by the Government of Cambodia.

  • Canada donates CAD 100,000 to support LDCs’ participation in Ministerial Conference
    The Canadian Government is contributing CAD 100,000 (approximately CHF 77,000) to help developing and least-developed countries (LDCs) participate in the eleventh WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11), which will take place on 10-13 December 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Members welcome Iraq’s firm intention to resume formal WTO accession negotiations
    At an informal meeting of the Working Party on the Accession of Iraq held on 17 November 2017, WTO members welcomed Iraq’s stated determination to resume its WTO accession process after nine years of dormancy. The meeting further provided the opportunity for the government of Iraq and members to exchange views on next steps for that formal resumption in the near term.

  • WTO issues panel report regarding US anti-dumping measures on certain Korean tubular goods
    On 14 November the WTO circulated the panel report in the case brought by Korea in “United States — Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Oil Country Tubular Goods from Korea” (DS488).

  • Trade Policy Review: Plurinational State of Bolivia
    The fourth review of the trade policies and practices of the Plurinational State of Bolivia takes place on 14 and 16 November 2017. The basis for the review is a report by the WTO Secretariat and a report by the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

  • DG Azevêdo: Collective effort to address price volatility and food security is essential
    Speaking at a session of the Global Market Information Group on 13 November, Director-General Roberto Azevêdo stressed that the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) promotes a rich and diverse source of perspectives essential for policy makers by bringing together data from a number of countries and international organizations. He underlined that the WTO Secretariat stands ready to help AMIS in ensuring increased transparency and improved policy co-ordination in international commodity markets as part of the collective effort to address global food security.

  • Latest trade indicator suggests trade growth will moderate in fourth quarter of 2017
    The WTO’s latest World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI) suggests that global merchandise trade growth will likely moderate in the fourth quarter of 2017. The reading of 102.2 signals continued trade expansion in volume terms, although the pace of growth should be slower than earlier in the year, when trade recorded strong increases.

  • Goods Council discusses US proposal to enhance transparency
    The WTO Goods Council on 10 November considered the United States’ proposal to enhance transparency and strengthen notification requirements through a decision intended for the upcoming 11th Ministerial Conference (MC11) in Buenos Aires. The Council also took up e-commerce proposals and specific trade concerns.

  • WTO members review three regional trade agreements
    WTO members reviewed the China-Korea Free Trade Agreement, the Mexico-Panama Free Trade Agreement and the interim Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) States at the meeting of the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements (CRTA) on 9-10 November. Members also discussed how to improve the WTO’s monitoring work on RTAs.

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