World Trade Organization — Latest news
  • Items proposed for consideration at the next meeting of Dispute Settlement Body
    The WTO Secretariat has circulated a meeting notice and list of items proposed for the next meeting, on 18 December 2018, of the Dispute Settlement Body, which consists of all WTO members and oversees legal disputes among them. The meeting notice is circulated in the form of a document officially called an “airgram”.

  • New book chronicles history, evolution of GATT dispute settlement
    The dispute settlement system under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1947 functioned for nearly 50 years and received more than 300 complaints between contracting parties before being replaced by the WTO’s dispute settlement system. To mark the 70th anniversary of the GATT, the WTO has issued today (14 December) a new publication covering the history and evolution of GATT dispute settlement decisions and procedures.

  • Appellate Body issues report on revised US “dolphin-safe” tuna labelling measure
    On 14 December the Appellate Body issued its report in the cases brought by Mexico and the United States in “United States — Measures Concerning the Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products — Second Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU by Mexico” (DS381).

  • India appeals panel ruling in dispute with Japan over safeguard duties on steel products
    India filed an appeal on 14 December concerning the WTO panel report in the case brought by Japan in “India — Certain Measures on Imports of Iron and Steel Products” (DS518). The panel report was circulated to WTO members on 6 November.

  • Appellate Body issues report regarding Brazil tax measures
    On 13 December the Appellate Body issued its report in the cases by the European Union and Japan in “Brazil — Certain Measures Concerning Taxation and Charges” (DS472 and DS497).

  • Report shows sharp rise in the coverage of trade-restrictive measures from WTO members
    The Director-General’s annual overview on trade-related developments presented to members on 11 December at a meeting of the Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB) shows a significant increase in trade coverage of trade restrictive measures by WTO members from mid-October 2017 to mid-October 2018. While members continued to implement trade-facilitating measures, the trade coverage of the import-restrictive measures was more than seven times larger than that recorded in the previous annual overview. The report provides the first WTO-wide factual insight into the trade restrictive measures imposed in the context of current trade tensions and calls on WTO members to use all...

  • Trade Policy Review Body: Overview of developments in the international trading environment
  • DG Azevêdo: Economic research vital to strengthen trade cooperation
    Addressing a WTO economic conference on 11 December 2018, entitled ‘Updating Trade Cooperation: An Economic View’, Director-General Roberto Azevêdo argued that current trade tensions provide an opportunity for the rules-based multilateral trading system to prove its value and for reforms to be deliberated in response to the evolving global economy. Sound analysis and strong evidence are vital in this effort, DG Azevêdo said in opening the conference, which looks at pressing issues in international trade cooperation from an economic angle. DG Azevêdo’s full speech is available below.

  • DG Azevêdo meets non-resident members and observers participating in ‘Geneva Week’
    Director-General Roberto Azevêdo met with Geneva Week participants today (11 December) to welcome them to Geneva and brief them on the WTO’s current work and priorities. In an open discussion, issues raised included the value of the WTO for small and vulnerable economies, the impasse in the Appellate Body and the growing debate on WTO reform. ‘Geneva Week’ is a biannual event organized for WTO members and observers who do not have permanent missions in Geneva.

  • WTO-World Bank joint publication highlights need for policies to maximize trade gains for extreme poor
    Trade has made a significant contribution to poverty reduction but further integration of developing countries into international markets and policies to share the gains from trade more widely will be essential for further reducing poverty and ensuring that no one is left behind, according to a joint publication by the World Bank Group and the World Trade Organization launched today (11 December).

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